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Basic information

Our school was established on 1st July 1997 by merging of two large schools – Integrovaná střední škola technická (Integrated technical high school) and Střední odborné učiliště poštovní a telekomunikační (Vocational school of mail service and telecommunication). The former school began its history in 1947 and the wide population of Kolín knew it by the name SOU Tesla or Modrý bod, which is a place where the school was located. Since 1974 Střední odborné učiliště poštovní a telekomunikační had its place in a modern complex of buildings belonging to „Spoje„, which is a common name given to the school by public. Merging of the two schools was not only economically convenient, moreover it was desirable due to the similitude of the study programmes, mainly in the area of electrical engineering.

With almost 500 students SOŠ Informatiky a spojů a SOU is one of the largest schools in the district of Kolín. Students are being educated in various study programmes focused on computers, electrical engineering, telecommunication, banking, mail service and economics. The study programmes take either four years and are finished by maturita exam, or three years in a vocational programme completed by leaving exams and an apprenticeship certificate.

For teaching computer technology, which is involved in all the programmes, there are five fully equipped specialized classrooms. All the computers are connected to the network, internet accessibility is a must these days.  Multimedia classrooms are equipped by projectors, which allow to engage new progressive teaching methods. Students gain practical experience using modern measuring technologies in special laboratories for electrical measurements. Specialized classroom for typewriting is fully equipped with electric typewriters. Specialized lecture rooms are also used for teaching geography, Czech language and literature, foreign languages (namely English, German, Spanish and Russian), economics, mathematics, electrotechnical subjects, civics, history and mail service subjects.

Special classrooms for practical training are used for teaching PLC automats: Siemens, TECO Kolín, Allan Bradley, Festo, telecommunication and security systems Jablotron Jablonec nad Nisou.


During their studies students have an opportunity to gain the international ECDL certificate, proving their computer technology skills.


Physical education takes place in a large sports hall and fitness center. Both these places are also used for after-school activities. During their studies students take part in sport, ski and tourist course. Great score achieved by students of SOŠ informatiky a spojů a SOU in many high school competitions, reflects the excellent conditions for sports.


All the classrooms for theoretical teaching and mail service practical training, dormitory, school canteen, sports hall and fitness centrum are situated in a large complex of school buildings, which are 400 m distant from both train and bus station.


Students of economic and financial programmes experience work with the APOST program in a specialized classroom.


Students of most of the programmes take regularly part in 1-2 week long practical training in private companies as well as state organizations, which cooperate with our school.

The school dormitory offers accommodation for 270 students. The current price of accommodation is CZK 800, – per month. The school canteen provides breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Accommodated students pay CZK 78, – a day for all the three courses. Other students pay CZK 27, – for lunch. For lunch two meals are offered. An extra assortment can be found in a snack bar or vending machines.


As far as school activities are considered, students can join clubs focused on sports, culture or technologies. Both cultural and sport excursions are being organized.